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Economic Development


Burma (Myanmar): Asia Development Bank statistics shows that poverty in Chin State is many times higher than other states in Burma while the country itself is one of the poorest countries in the world. Under-developed countries like Burma need lots of resources in order to attain a mere level of self-sufficiency.  We cannot fold our hands and watch our people continue to live in poverty, die of malnutrition, and succumb to preventable diseases. We will strive to help pave an improved quality of life for our friends in Myanmar today. 

An economic development program in Chin State must be developed from scratch.  It will need all the necessary resources to sustain and grow.  It will require the mobilization of human, financial, capital, physical and natural resources to generate marketable goods and services. Chin Foundation Resource Center is opened as an incubator for all round development.   

Positioned in the middle of nearly half the population of the world, Myanmar sits between China and India and is at the center of the developing Asia, which is generating huge potential buying power.  A few companies are starting to explore the option of conducting business in the country.  We would highly encourage you to consider such business endeavors.  The CF will be happy to facilitate discussions and coordinate meetings with the appropriate people in Myanmar.


Teknolozi (technology) le Science nih kan vuleipi cu an thlen cuahmah. Tthancho a duhmi pohnih cu thil cu dawi ve a hau. Abikin a thacho rih lomi kan nih Chin miphun zong nih teknolozi le science kan dawi ve a hau tiah kan iforhfial cionak cu asi. Burma ram cu vulei cung minung an chah biknak le ngeihchiah a tthancho thluahmahnak Tuluk le India karlak a um lawng si loin a thangcho cuahmah mi Southeast Asia ram hna nih an kulh i rili he a pehmi asi caah ram rorelnak ning cang te ai thlen i teknolozi kan dawi khawh ahcun tthanchonak cu kanmah ta asi ko lai.

Ram tthangcho ah ralzam le pem in kan phanh tikah kan nun ning ai thlau tuk i kan conlau. Cuka khuasa minung nih cun siaherh zawnruahnak te in an kan zohkhenh, asinain teknolozi nih cun zaangfah le zawnruah a ngei lo. Kan nunning a thlau kan timi hi kan hmanmi thilri teknolozi a danmi kan chimnak hna khi asi tawn. Cu caah kan hmai i a ra liomi thil kan iham khawh venak hnga caah teknolozi le science cu kan dawi khawh ve hrimhrim a haumi asi. Kan fa nau le hna nih cu ti an dawi khawh venak hnga forhfial i thiamhlei ttanpinak (scholarship) hna zong tuahpiak dingah zuam kan hau. Cu lawng si loin thanchonak ding ahcun a kapkip in izuam a hau, a hlei in fimcawnnak leiah thazang tampi kan chuah i kan fimcawnnak system zong kan sersiam deuh lo ahcun miphun dang sinah hmai kan sa kho lai lo.

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