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  • We envision that our community has the highest level of education and virtue nationwide within the next few years!
    • Changing lives from our community throughout the world!
    • Equipping our kids with a Good Education and Good Faith to be Winners in Life and Beyond!
  • Our mission is to open a Summer School called “Life AcadeMe” as a pilot project in summer 2016 which would bridge the gap for students learning advanced courses from their schools as well as to study the Bible at the same time. We believe that if we can teach our children on a diploma degree level of Bible study before graduating high school, we may not need prison in USA.
  • Our children must do well in school to sustain, improve and advance their education with hope that they will be a model of the most productive society in the country. Christians must raise the smartest and most educated children in order to revive America again. Churches have to adopt and enhance this program for their member’s families and children.
    • Many families need help in their kids’ education and we can fill the gap during the summer holidays.
    • This is the best time to educate kids while preventing them from computer games and the like.
    • This is the best time to educate in different methodologies so to advance their formal education.
    • This is the best time to educate kids through life education (Virtue life through Biblical teaching).
    • American students need more education in Mathematics (according to research) – we will add science.
    • This is not only preventing some children from spoiling, but also taking additional time to help them be successful.
    • This is to gear Americans for Educational Advancement especially in Math & Science (Education Leads the World).
    • This is to introduce kids to researching a Self-interest Finding Project (Children Research Center).
    • Children need to learn Leadership while they are young (Children Leadership Learning Center).
    • Music plays a big role in life especially to childhood life and we offer opportunity to learn deeper (Music Center).
    • Students learn Culture of Peace and Faith (Children Peace, Faith and Justice Learning Center).
    • This is a hybrid Academy of Regular School and Sunday/Church School in the church, but different from Christian school – this is informal education program, going their way of learning.
    • Let’s invest in our children’s lives.  “Life AcadeMe” Wining Partner of Life!


  • Kan fale hi Pathian laksawng sungbik mi an si ko. Cu hna sinah zei dah kan roh ve hna lai, ti ruah tikah duhmi a tampi hnga nain a biapi in si kho hna sehlaw ti kan duhmi hna cu (1) Pathian theih/zumh le (2) Fimcawnnak sangpi phanhter hi an si ko.
    • Bible nih a kan cawnpiak bantuk in nan nunnak ah Pathian zumh/theih, amah hi number 1nak ah chiah hi a biapi cemmi asi ko. Bible tuanbia pinah kan pipu hna tuanbia in fiang te in hmuh khawh asi. Vulei thluachuah le van thluachuah hmuhnak asi.
    • Solomon Siangpahrang pa nih cun fimnak hi a biapi cemin a ruah caah Pathian sinah a rak hal. Phungthlukbia chungah Dinnak le Fimnak te hna icawk ulaw zuar ti hlah u, ati. 2012 he 2013 he Hakha kan va tlunah khuanu khuapa hna he biaruahnak nihnih chung kan ngei. Kan iceihmi lakah biapi ngaimi pakhat cu; Pumpak ca he, Chungkhar ca he, Miphun ca he thanchonak dingah a biapi cemmi pakhat cu Fimcawnnak (fimnak tampi cawn) hi asi ko, tiah chim lengmang asi. Mipem ca le bang ahcun fimcawnnak in mi tei khawh lawnglawng hi hriam tha bik asi ko.
  • A cunglei phunhnih hna Zumhnak le Fimnak hi kan fanau le hampiak hna usihlaw tiah Chin Foundation leiin ruahnak a um caah cu thil hna tuaktan dingin Life AcadeMe – Summer School – Hngakchia Ministry phun cu 2016 in thok dingah timhlamh cuahmah asi. Hi pinah Chin/Burmese holh, music ti bantuk zong chimh chih dingah ruah asi. Kan fale nih tampi an hlawk ko lai, an imanh caan nihhin a hrawk tuk hna, an tonghmi games le an zohmi cartoon nihhin a tei hna nakhnga lo an imanh caan hi an caah hrawktu si lo in thancho chinnak ah an hman khawhnak hnga caah tuahmi asi.
  • Mathai 12:43-45 chungah; Thlarau thalo pakhat cu minung chungin a chuak I ram rocar ahkhan dinhnak hmun kawlah a vak lengmang. A hmuh khawh lo caah aa thawh I, “Ka chuahtak mi ka inn ahkhan ka va kir than tuah lai,’ tiah ati. Cu ti cun a va kir than I inn cu lawng hirhiarte in a rak um I thiangte in a rak I phiah kha a hmuh. Cu tikah a kal than I amah nakin a chia deuhmi thlarau pasarih kha a vaa sawm hna I an ra I cuka ahcun an um; a donghnak ahcun cu pa umtuning cu a hlan nakkhan a chia deuh. Cu ti cun atu chan, chan thalo, umtuning ding hi asi lai,” tiah ati.

(Kan fa le lungthin (khan vialte hi) Thawngthabia le thiltha in a kharh lo ahcun, thil thalo a khatin an lut lai I, a let tampi in an irawk ko lai. Cu caah an no lioah thiltha tampi in cawnpiak an hau, chan thalo timmi chung ahhin).

  • Phungthlukbia 22:6 – A zulh awk asimi lam kha hngakchia cu cawnpiak law, a upat tikah mah cucu a pial tak ti lai lo.
  • June 14th in kan thok lai, zarhli chung asi lai. Zarh khatah ni 3 (Nihnih, Nithum, le Nili) ni 10am – 4pm tiang asi lai. Chuncaw kan rin hna lai. Tangthum, tangli, tangnga, le tangruk a kai dingmi an si lai. Thlah le don a haumi nih $30 a hlei in liam asi lai. Hngakchia pakhat caah $120 cio an kai hlanah pek asi lai. Southport Baptist Church 2901 E Banta Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46227 ah asi lai.
  • Hika ah Form a um. Mah te in print I kuatnak ding address ah May 2016 hlanah POBox address ahhin kuat khawh rak izuam te uh.
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