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Visit Chinland Program

Chin State (Chinland) is a beautiful and unique place to visit in Myanmar. It is believed that Chin State is the most attractive place for tourists in Myanmar, so it is being prepared for one of the tourist destination centers. It is chosen not because of its beautiful hills and rivers, but but because of its peaceful natures with healthy environment and Christian society background. You can feel nature, life, and dream a new life while you are in this paradise. If you visit one, you will want to visit again.

If you have a couple of months to volunteer in this beautiful land such as teaching English at Chin Christian University or doing research in social and economic development, teaching music/computer etc you name it, together with the Chin Foundation we can arrange your trip very reasonable in support of your volunteer to advance the backward region.

If you want to visit Chinland with our tour group or visit individually, please contact us and we will help you get visa and permission. You may not be the same person in return. So plan a life changing trip to Chinland.  Enjoy some Chinland pictures;


Chin miphun pawl hi kan vakvai tuk cang i kan tlau thlu te ko lai, tiah mi tampi nih ruah asi. Cu caah pakhat le pakhat kan ipehtlaihnak hi internet lawng cun azaa lo ti ruat in Chin Foundation nih Chinland tlawnnak (Visit Chinland) parokrem cu timhlamh cuahmah lio asi. Kum chiar minung thahnem nawn Laitlang ah kan tlung hna i lunglawmh awk ngaingai asi. Sihmanhsehlaw a tlung khomi nakin a tlung kho lomi kan tam deuh peng ko lai. Cun, a tlungmi cio zong nih tlun sawhsawh tlung lo in hawi hna sawm pah hna usihlaw miphun dang tampi zong kan ram te phakpi ve hna usih, tihi duh ngaimi cu asi. Mah mit te in hmuhmi cu zumh deuh le tlaihchan deuh asi ko. Cu pinah, kan tlun caan tete ah volunteer in rian hna tuanpi pah hna usihlaw a tha chinchin hnga; abianaah sianginn le sianghlei run cachimh hna, dum le lo tuah cawnpiak hna tbt. Hiti rian kan tuanpi mi hna hi laihlum ca lawngah si lo in khual ca zongah sullam a ngei chin lengmang te ding khi asi.

Tlawn kai hi pehtlaihnak ah hmual a ngei cemmi pakhat asi. Cuti kan itlawn kai khawh pah lengmang ahcun kan fanau le hna a tak in an itong lai, an mit in kan ram an hmuh lai, kan holh an thiam chin lai, Mirang holh le holh dang dang zong an kan chimp pah ve lai. Kan zapi in kan hlawk lai. A fekmi pehtlaihnak in kan ipehtlai hna lai.

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