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Networking and Advocating


Relationships make our lives more meaningful and valuable.  Even though the Chin fled and resettled in communities spanning many countries around the globe, our history still connects us, as we practice the same traditions and beliefs. The CF advocates our people use the power of technology to connect and communicate with Chin throughout the world, including those still in Myanmar.  As Chin living in developed countries become equipped to aid those in Myanmar on many fronts (technology, science, medicine, politics, etc), the CF will use existing relationships, and create new associations, to impact those in our homeland. 

The CF seeks and welcomes opportunities to connect Chin and Friends of Chins in both social and economic engagements. Through these relationships, we strive to not only improve prospects for job/skills training and employment, but also more effectively engaged in helping transition to democracy in the country. We believe “coming together is the beginning, keeping together is progress, and working together is success”.   

We advocate for the Chin, Chin State, and Myanmar. Your contribution can safe and change lots of lives in time of need. Please contact CF and someone will connect you to your destination. Thanks for your interest and relationship with us.


Pehtlaihnak le hawikomhnak nih kan nunnak hi sullam le man a ngeihter chinchin. Tonhmun pakhat phaktti hi a hramthok asi, pehtlaihnak ngeih hi tthancho asi, rianttuanttinak ngeih hi tainak asi timi tlaihtleng hi kan zul ve. Tuchan ahcun chanthar teknolozi a tthacho tuk cang i khuate pakhat um bantuk kan si cang. Cu thil hna hmang in kan miphun vialte kan ipehtlai dih lai, kan miphun a dawmi kan unau hna zong kan pehtlaih hna lai i remdaihnak he a nuam chinchin mi vulei thar kan panh lai.

Chin miphun pawl hi Burma, Bangladesh le India ram deuhah kan rak um. Asinain a chan chan in raldohnak ruangah atu cu vulei killi ah kan itthek dih. Kanmah kan ipehtlaih lawng si loin kan techin fapar tiang in pehtlaihnak lam kan sersiam lai, cuticun lungkhat thinkhat te in kan dirtti hna lai. Kan kong hi miphun dang hna le cozah vialte hna zong kan chimh hna lai, vulei pi ah kan thanh lai.

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