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Medical Equipment and Basic Needs

There are lots of needs for stricken rural community in remote Chin State of Myanmar. Those are the basic needs in accordance with Maslow theory of needs. Among those needs one of the most desperate needs as a community is medical equipment. Hospitals in Chin State do not have good equipment at all. Doctors refer many patients to Mandalay (the second capital) or Yangon (the business capital) in order to seek treatment for their illnesses. Seeking treatment from those specialists in those cities costs a lot with problems including lodging expenses (most seeking treatment are out-patients), medical bills, transportation, interpreters, dealing with totally different weather, waiting for many weeks etc… Many patients cannot afford to visit hospitals in Mandalay or Rangoon and tell their love ones that they would rather die at home. Those sick people cannot think of dying and leaving a lot of debt to the families which they would pay for many years.

Therefore, we plan to ship medical equipment and other needs such as food, clothing, books etc with 40×8 container in 2014. We will update with some photos.

We are blessed with these partners in shipping those supplies:

  • FAME
  • TriMedx Foundation
  • Indian Creek Christian Church
  • Grace Missionary Church
  • Mt Pleasant Christian Church
  • Kids Against Hunger
  • Chin Baptist Churches USA


Nanmah cio bawmhnak thawng in Chin Foundation cu huamsam in kar a hlang cuahmah ve. Aralaimi August ahhin USA in Chinland ah ngandamnak lei a herhmi thilri kuat kan itim. Aruang cu, Laitlang sizung ah thilri ttha kan ngeih lo ruangah kan nu le pa tampi cu dam lo men ah Rangoon le Mandalay phanh an hau, tlunnak le kalnak ah a dih ngaingai, saupi pi va cam a hau ttheu, kan duh lo cemmi mizaw khual va si a hau, nilin khusa lakah holh thiammi nih ni hlawh thlau in zulhkhalh an hauh tikah zapi cu kan lo ko. Cu phen ahcun chim thiam lomi harsatnak thil tampi a um rih. Cu caah kan nu le kan pa tampi nih cun mah hitin hei thi ko ning, an ti lengmang ttheu! Minung pakhat dam lo ah zeitluk khin dek kan buai i caan le phaisa zong kan dih. Laitlang ning in kan intuarnak le dihmi fonhah zei tluk khin dek a hei tam hnga ti ruah tikah lung zong a fak.

Cu caah US lei sizung thilri ngei pawl Laitlang ah thilri kan kuatpiak dingin kan sawm hna i atu hi kuat ding kan timlam cuahmah. Truck lianpi (container 40x8x8) khat in ton 30 hrawng kuat ding in timhlamh asi. Kuat ding thil hi tampi a um ko nain santlai mi tete kua kho usihlaw ti kan duh. Thlacamnak in rak kan bawm cio ulaw tiah kan in sawm hna. Acung lei min kan tarmi bawmtu hna le a dangdang bawmtu hna cungah lawmhnak tampi kan ngei.




















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