Emergency Relief

Beyond Komen Cyclone

The Komen Cyclone which hit Chin State and its neighboring area in 2015 was the worst incident after WWII. The recovery from such tragedy is a huge tasks. With the help of The Ranger Family we could participate in taking care of night schooling program for children in three camps of most devastated areas.

State of Emergency for the Chin People!

This is the worst disaster that has ever happened to the Chin people. Many thousand Chin in the plains area, the delta area in southern Chin State, and the hill Chin people are affected. Our heartfelt concern is that many parts of the capital city, Hakha, have been destroyed. Chin people around the world mourn, pray and are donating to help the victims.

Many of us may think that the rain/flood is dangerous only for those in the plain and delta areas, but it has the same effect for those in the hills area too. Heavy rain has shaken hilly Chin State in Myanmar and its region since July 22, 2015. Many infrastructures, villages and the capital have been destroyed. They need immediate relief help. Recovering from this disaster and rebuilding will need to take the next few years. Please join hands to save life.

How wonderful is nature and the creator! But the conclusion of the end chapter of the calamity brings unforgettable memoires, tears, joy, sharing, unity, and love that never end.

Your donation at this time will never have the same value. It becomes a life changer. Your investment in someone’s life will bring a lot more lives. The Chin Foundation is a registered tax exempt organization. Your generous donations are tax-deductible. We highly maintain transparency and accountability. Your donations directly go to the victims. If you want to avoid online fees, please send check to:
Online fee pek a hauh caah check in kuat khawh ahcun a tha chinchin.

The Chin Foundation
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Indianapolis, IN 46217

Thank you for your life changing donation!!



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