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Education is the foundation of all round development. Myanmar needs education reform in order to guarantee long term development. Education reform must start from Chin State where high school graduation rate is the lowest and there is no government secular university in the state at this century. Chin people are not only poor, but also are uneducated and ignorance.

Formal education requires many students to take a few days of travel time to get to schools and universities in the region. Some students are young and homesick while they have to cook, study, help the hosting family etc… The consequence is that many students drop schools and remain uneducated for life. Therefore, they need help in the form of informal education facilities such as libraries and trainings for capacity building and lifelong learning. Therefore, CF established learning center in Chin State. Chin Christian University (CCU) and CF jointly offer Diploma in Business Administration since 2014.

If someone interested in rewarding someone in its success or endeavor to success, helping someone moving one more step forward, encouraging downhearted ones to uplift and walk through, you can participate in our life changing programs. Believe it or not; if you change someone life, it will return and change your life too. Please join us in this blessing human resource investment program.

You can participate by donating to scholarship program which will provide scholarship to needy students or by donating to sponsorship programs like library program, training program, lifelong learning program, or you created and name it. Please contact us and we will discuss things in detail.



Kan thil ti khawhnak a tthan khawh i kan khuasak a rem deuhnak hnga thuk deuh le sang deuh purh khawhnak thening (capacity building) le ngol lo in cawn pengnak (life long learning) hna hi a bikin tolrel cuahmah asi. Cu bantuk cawnnak hna a bawmchantu dingah; a bu bu in ceihhmainak a phunphun, caan tawi le caan sau tthening, internet in cawnnak le biaruahnak tbt in tolrel asi.

Ram leng chuakmi Chinmi hna nih fa tampi kan ngei ngam ti lo. Sihmanhsehlaw kan fa le bantuk kan thisen khat asimi kan unau hna kan ramah ttanpi haumi tampi an um. Cuhna bawmh le ttanpi dingah rian khinh kan si. Mirang zumtu tthen khat pawl mission rian ttuan ning cu mah fa le pinah midang fa zohkhenh chap (adoption) hi asi. A lang in zohkhenh khawh an si. Cu caah ngaktah zoh rumro mi cheu nih an duhnak hi asi. Kan unau Laitlang ah zohkhenh ding tampi an um. Kan tuanti hna lai.