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CRC ah an hlut

Myanmar e-Education has been searching ways to work in Chin state for some time and finally confirmed and said that Chinland Resource Center (CRC) is the best resource in the area. With their referral, Dental Donation Group (DDG) visited CRC and donated computers, shelfs, books, electronics to connect internet in the office in February and July 2016. The total value of donation were about K.12,000,000. DDG is a group of dental students who are studying in Mandalay University.

Myanmar e-Education timi nih Chin State chungah riantuan tti awk tha bik le mipi caah santlai bikmi cu Chin Foundation nih kan tuahmi CRC hi asi ee, tiah an chim. Anmah pehtlaih pinak thawng in Dental Donation Group (DDG) nih February 2016 ah CRC cu an va zoh I a herhmi thilti tampi ting sawmsarih man an hlut. DDG pawl hi Mandalay University ah sianginn a kai liomi an si.

























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