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Chinland Resource Center


Rebuilding Chin State needs a whole lot of works and reconstructions. In addition to building infrastructures, it needs establishing systems such as education system, civil society system, business system, forest reservation system etc. After doing research and assessment for more than a year, the Chin Foundation established its Resource Center in the capital Hakha in January 2013. This is the only Resource Center in remote ethnic region.

This Resource Center is a one-stop shop for its region. This is to empower the plural society to mobilize its citizens in building effective governance in the State. This is a learning center, reading center, meeting center, information center, networking center, unemployment center, business center, leadership development center, incubating center and so on. We welcome volunteers from all walks of life to help this Resource Center moves forward and serves more people. If you visit Hakha, Chin State, please do not forget to stop by and see what’s going on. Please give us some feedback.

Atu hi a rawk tuk cangmi kan ram te cu remh an ot cuahmah lio asi. Asia Development Bank ripawt tial ning ah Chin State cu a sifak bik changtu Arakhan State nakin a let hnih in a si a fak deuh, ti asi. Zaa ah minung 76 cu sifak an si, ti asi. Cu lawng asilo, fimcawnnak lei zongah kan niam tuk fawn. Mitlawm te lawng lawng tanghra an awng kho. Zei zong vialte hi a thar in remh dih a hau. Cu lakah an remhmi cu lam, hlei, zung, tbt pawl an si. Thancho taktak nak ding ahcun system thami kan ser a hau; fimcawnnak system, sum kawl ning system, bu kip riantuan thiamnak te hna, cinthlak ning system, thingram ven ning system tbt in remh ding khi an si. Chin Foundation nih cu bantuk thil hna an chuah khawhnak hnga caah research a tuah lengmang hnuah Resource Center tuah hrimhrim kan hau ti a ruah caah January 2014 thokin Hakha khuapi ah Chinland Resource Center (CRC) cu kan on.

Resource Center hi tlangcung miphun dang zong nih an ngei rih lo i atu CRC hi a pakhatnak asi. Mi thangcho ram ahcun hi bantuk hi kakipah an ngei. Cu CRC ahcun cawnnak phunkip, rel ding phunkip, biaruahnak phunkip, theih herhmi phunkip, pehtlaihnak phunkip, rian phunkip tbt hmuh khawh dingin timhlamh asi. Hi CRC hi kan zapi in kan dirkamh i santlai ah kan hman khawh ahcun kan miphun nih kan hlawkpi ngai dingmi hmunpi pakhat asi ding asi. Cu caah CRC a thawn chinnak hnga kan bawm cio dingin kan in sawm hna. Riantuan ding tampi a um, volunteer tampi kan herh, phaisa lei zongin bawmh kan herh ngaingai ko. Hakha nan phak ahcun CRC ah rak kan leng te. Ruahnak tampi ceuh zong kan herh fawn.





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