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Development in Chin State A Preliminary Assessment
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Visit Chinland Program

Chin State (Chinland) is a beautiful and unique place to visit in Myanmar. It is believed that Chin State is the most attractive place for tourists in Myanmar, so it is being prepared ...

Chin Business Association

Hihi chaw tuahnak le thiamnak pakhatkhat he rianttuannak ngeih khawhnak caah hrihhawhnak asi. Chan nih a kan merpi lengmang i Chinmi tampi hna zong kakip ah chaw tuah phunkip kan i ...

Chinland Resource Center

CHINLAND RESOURCE CENTER (CRC) Rebuilding Chin State needs a whole lot of works and reconstructions. In addition to building infrastructures, it needs establishing systems such as education ...

Mino Sersiamnak (Youth Enrichment)

Ram sersiam ding a ngei rihmi hna miphun ca ahcun mah nih lim khawh lomi hmabak cu kan tefa hna tal nih rak tlinh hrim hna seh tiah felfai te in lungthin cheuh bauh an hau. Cu thil ...

Economic Development

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT Burma (Myanmar): Asia Development Bank statistics shows that poverty in Chin State is many times higher than other states in Burma while the country itself is ...

Khuasak Sersiamnak

Khuasak sersiamnak hi cozah vialte nih zei dang hlan cemah an zuan hnawhmi asi. Ram chungmi ttamhal lo te an um khawh i khuasaknak kongah lung rethei lo te umter hi a biapi hringhran ...

Cinthlak le Zuat Khalh

Burma ram cu cinthlaknak ram asi, tiah thantar tiangin facang vui cu a chan chan in an rak tar. Mi vialte dumhau tuah le lo tuah cio dingin forhfial a rak si. Cu caah Chinmi hna zong ...

Holhleh Le Caleh

Chinmi hi miphun dang siangpahrang nih an rak kan uk bal lo ti a langhnak cu mah le cerei cio le zalong ngai in kan rak um i hiti kan holh a tamnak hin a fiang ngaingai. Kan holh a ...
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